Don't Let a Pool of Water Startle You

Don't Let a Pool of Water Startle You

Hire our team to take care of your washer repair in Miramar, Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale FL

You probably roll your eyes when you notice your washing machine isn't working correctly. No one likes dealing with the hassle of hiring a repair man or, even worse, having to replace the entire unit. Don't freak out just yet-contact Tropical Appliances Repairs & Services, Corp to assess the situation.

We offer appliance repair service to check the damage to your washing machine and recommend the best way forward. Call 754-423-6361 now to learn more about our washer repair service in Miramar, Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale FL.

Signs your washing machine needs repair

Before you take out your credit card and order a brand-new washing machine, check for these signs to see if you can schedule repairs and save some money:

  • Excessive leaking-this is one of the most obvious signs that something is wrong. This could indicate a drainage issue or a loose connection.
  • Excessive noise-if your machine sounds like it's moving all over your laundry room floor, it's probably unbalanced. This is an easy fix.
  • Water not filling the drum-there could be a kink in your hose or problem with your faucets. If those aren't causing the issue, contact us.
  • Your washer is more than eight years old-if this is the case, it's a smarter investment to replace the unit versus repair it.

Turn to our skilled professionals when you need washer repair service.